DAY 38



Texts Luke 3:5; Habakkuk 3:19 ;  Hab_3:19

God’s time is the best. God’s speed is also the best. It is dangerous to be faster or slower than God. Once you slower or faster you are out of the will and coverage of God.

One of the things that God wants for you to reach your milestones in life on time and well. There are many things that organize themselves against you to hinder you. By the help of God all of these will be disorganized for you to triumphantly achieve your goals on time.

A discerning heart, circumcised ears and eyes and obedient heart are needed to  get divine speed. Divine strength is also needed. A weak body or mind cannot move at God’s speed.


  1. Luke 3:5 Oh Lord, let every valley on my pathways in life be filled;

  2. Father, let every mountain be brought low;

  3. O Lord, let the crooked be made straight;

  4. Father, let the rough ways be smooth.

  5. Create a smooth pathway for me in life, Oh LORD

  6. Habakkuk 3:19 Be my strength, Oh Lord. Make my feet like hinds’ feet

  7. Father cause me to walk (run) upon mine high places in life

  8. Oh, Lord send your fire to destroy every Satanic speed breaker on my pathways in life.

  9. Let my heart and ears be circumcised to hear your commanding and guiding words for my divine speed

  10. Lord, I trust in your strength. Give the inner strength I need for divine speed

  11. Father, I have absolute faith in your strength. Give me the physical strength I need for divine speed.

  12. I receive mental strength i.e (intelligence) I need to go with divine speed

  13. Grant me strength and speed to outturn all that are trying to pull  me back

  14. Restore to me Lord, all the time and ground I have probably lost in the race of life

  15. Lord keep my Right and vision clear as I pursue my purpose and vision in life

  16. O Lord make every step live ten steps for me as I purpose your purpose for my life.

  17. Ephesian 1: 17-18; Ephesians 5:17 Lord, keep my sight and vision clear as I pursue my purpose in life.

  18. Lord, teach us to number of our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom

  19. Prayers for understanding of what to do at every material time or period 1 Chron. 12:32

  20. Prayers for wisdom to plan and execute revealed counsels of God for our lives and ministry

  21. Prayers for faith, boldness and courage to follow God wholeheartedly

  22. Lord, send my destiny helpers to me in the mighty name of Jesus

  23. Lord, please order my steps aright in every journey of life




Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn all of them to great testimonies for you


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