DAY 35





Text: Psalm 133:1- 3, John 17:11, 21-22; Luke 11: 17; Mark 11:24; 1 Corinthians 1:10; 1 Corinthians 12:12-13; Eph 4:4.



Blessed be the tie that binds. Or


Bind us together Lord x2

Bind us with the cord that cannot be broken

Bind us together Lord

Bind us together in love



  1. Thank God for bringing us together again in His Presence

  2. Thank God for showing us the way of unity (Genesis 1: 26)

  3. Thank God because He wants us to be one, united, in harmony, in agreement and in one accord with one another. (John 17: 21)

  4. Father, forgive us of all words we have altered  and everything we have done that may amount to seed of discord or disunity in the your church.

  5. Father, purge everyone of us of all bitterness  that may be in us now.

  6. Proverbs 6 14 Father, with your mighty hand stop all the people in our churches who are fond of sowing discord among Christian brothers and sisters.

  7. Ephesians 4:3 A united church is a healthy church. Let us individually rededicate ourselves to the oneness of the church in Jesus name.

  8. Disunity is against the plan of God for His church. Let us ask that God will expose anyone that may want to bring disunity or disagreement into our mist.

  9. Decree and declare that the Spirit of disunity will not have any place in our church in Jesus name.

  10. John 15:12 Unity is an expression of love for one another. Lord, give us the power to love one another as you love us.

  11. Ask that God will bind us together with His cord of love in Jesus name.

  12. Decree and declare that we shall be one in vision, purpose, and goals in Jesus name.

  13. Let us decree that anytime we gather, it shall be in unity of purpose in Jesus name (Acts 2:1)

  14. We shall always enjoy the Presence of God every moment in His church in Jesus name.

  15. It is good and pleasant for a church to be one. Decree and declare that we shall be one as a Body of Christ in every ramification in Jesus name.

  16. In oneness, God commands blessing and abundant life. Pray that we shall do things that will invite the blessings of God into His church in Jesus name.




Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn all of them to great testimonies for you


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