DAY 34



 Confessions: Matthew 7:24, Daniel 11:32

Scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 3:10-14, Matthew 19:5, 10:31, Ecclesiastes 4:9, Deuteronomy 32:30



  1. Father, I thank you because your thoughts toward me are good.

  2. We praise your name for the salvation of the souls of our singles.

  3. Thank you for the courage and grace that keeps them going in life and faith.

  4. Thank you for the grace that is helping them to  remain true to you.

  5. Father,  arise in your glorious power and lift them above all the challenges our singles are facing.

  6. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ make them stronger in their minds and spirit than their challenges.

  7. John 10:3 Father, anoint their ears day by day that they may hear your loving, comforting and reassuring voice daily.

  8. John 10:5 Our God and Father, please fortify their minds and spirit against all  suggestions of the Devil and flesh.

  9. We rebuke all predators (exploiters) that may want to take advantage of their situations in Jesus name.

  10. Lord, bring hope and strength to the failing hearts of all our singles that are waiting you. May Satan fail in all his ploy to deceive them.

  11. Father Lord, glorify yourself in their lives and mock their mockers.

  12. Father of all wisdom give wisdom that our singles who are in relationships need to maximize their relationships.

  13. We stand with our singles that are in relationships to rebuke all interference  against their relationships.

  14. Father, Almighty God, arise and break all powers and agreements that may be causing delays.

  15. Father, we erase by the wonderful blood of Jesus all evil evil marks on anyone that may be repelling God’s provisions.

  16. Father, in the name of Jesus, let everyone in Christ Way Church that desires to be married to be supernaturally connected to his/her God’s ordained spouse –Ps 68:6

  17. Out of nothing you brought the magnificent creation, Lord bring forth husbands/ wives for all singles that are looking unto you for partners.

  18. Provide, O Lord for all our single mothers the means to take care of their children.

  19. Father, give our single mothers all the wisdom they need to effectively train their children.

  20. Lord, help them  to discover and fulfill your great purposes for their lives.

  21. Heavenly Father, we pray for divine shield against the spirit of wrong marriages in Jesus’ name.

  1. We decree O Lord, that everyone among singles who are in need of standard of living – job, business, residential apartment, promotion, sponsorship will receive breakthrough beyond their imagination.

  1. Father we pray that all unordained relationships that can cause lifelong regret and sorrows  be broken now in Jesus name.

  2. Mark 4:39 Father, Prince of Peace, let all the storms in the lives of our  singles calm down now in Jesus’ name.

  3. Lord, your Word says that you have filled the hungry with good things; satisfy our hunger for joyful homes in Jesus name.

  4. We ask that you will help us, by your spirit, to pray the mind of God to pass regarding our marriage.

  5. Loving Father, please restore our broken edges and cleanse us of all that is filthy and positioned to disgrace us.

  6. We release the Christian men and women who God has ordained to marry mature single women and men from every entanglement that may be slowing them down from manifesting.

  7. We address the foundation of our lives and by the covenant of the death and life of Jesus Christ; we cancel every arrangement that is contrary to our God-ordained home.

  8. We pray for wisdom physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

  9. Father help us that PRAY LIKE Jesus we will grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man Luke 2:52

  10. Oh lord we destroy and addiction to Sex, masturbation, reading and watching of   sexually explicit films, wrong music and wrong friends.

  11. We will be sexually pure in Jesus Name.

Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn all of them to great testimonies for you


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