Day 14




References for Reflection and Meditation

Matt 28:19-20, Deut 4:29, 5:42, 8:4, 11:9, 2Tim 4:2



Church health does not mean absence of sinners or conflicts. A church is healthy when majority of the members are

  1. Passionately committed to living in obedience to The Great Command that says love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength. (Deuteronomy 6:5)

  2. Passionately committed to living in obedience to The 2nd Great Command that says love your neighbour as yourself (Mark 12:31); do to them only what you would like them to do to you (Matthew 7:12) and

  3. Passionately committed to doing good to all that is rendering loving service to all they could. (Gal. 6:10)

We must not fail God in The Great Commission which has been made our focus in today’s prayer. We must pray for daily passion and power to do the work, and for Gods help to get good results. We were saved and preserved that we may go and save others.



  1. Thank you Lord for counting us worthy to partner with you for the salvation of the people around us.

  2. Holy Spirit, please help to always keep us reminded of The Great Commission day by day.

  3. Deliver us from apathy or indifferences to your call for soul-winning.

  4. We receive freedom from all forces that are holding us back from obeying The Great Commission.

  5. Renew and re-fire passion for soul winning in me and every members of this church.

  6. We rebuke the spirit of fear and receive the spirit of boldness to preach the gospel everywhere to anybody.

  7. Grant us Lord the wisdom we need to approach and talk all that we should talk to.

  8. We break in the name of Jesus all shackles that are holding your people back from preaching the gospel.

  9. Father stir up the hearts of all bench warmers in the church, fill them with passion and fire and send them into the harvest.

  10. Luke 10:2- Open the eyes of our minds day by day to see that the harvest is great   .

  11. Give our pastors the knowledge, understanding and wisdom they need to effectively motivate and mobilize all members for soul winning day by day.

  12. Father, by fire and by force release and anoint all the gospel workers that are at the moment trapped in false religions and occultism.

  13. Psalm 81:10. Fill our mouths Lord each time we open them to speak to sinners.

  14. Jer 23:29. Let your word that we speak have its full force to break and make, to crush and convert in Jesus name.

  15. 23:29- Oh Lord let your word in our mouths be like fire and the hearts of our listeners be like dry grass. Let the word set their souls ablaze for you.

  16. 23:29- Father let your word we speak be like hammer and break all stony hearts in Jesus name.

  17. Rom 2:24.Father, deliver us from our personal weakness that may rubbish the gospel that we preach.

  18. Breathe father, on our converts day by day and make them abide to eternity.

  19. Add to us multitudes that are been saved day by day.

Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn all of them to great testimonies for you


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