Bible Reading: – Luke 14:16-23; Acts 1:14; 2:41-47; 4:18-20; 23-35; 8:1-4.

Memory Verse: – Acts 8:4



There is every indication from the word of God that God delights in the growth and increase of His church.  Growth is a sweet thing.  Growth is one of the signs of life, health and strength.  Anywhere there is growth there is joy and satisfaction.  When and where there is no growth, process of death and decay is going on.  The church as a living organism (spiritual) must grow.  Every committed member of the church is often concerned about the growth of the church.


From even a casual study of the book of Acts of Apostles you will easily discover that church growth is more than increase in numbers.  There are many areas or aspects in which a church must grow viz:


  1. Growth in the number of branches – Acts 1:8.
  2. Growth in the number of people attending the church – Acts 2:41, Acts 4:4; Acts 5:14.

iii. Increase in popularity and respect that people have for the church – Acts 2:43

iv. Increase in the knowledge of the word and ways of God among members.

v.Increase in the grace upon the members i.e. divine enablement operating in the lives of the  members with respect to the management of their lives experiences and circumstances.

Increase in Holiness of heart.

vii. Increase in the level of commitment to the service of God.

viii. Increase in witnessing power (power to influence others for Christ.

  1. Increase in love of God and His people in the heart of majority of members.
  2. Increase in the properties of the church.
  3. Increase in the financial strength of the church etc.

It must be emphasized that when members are growing in character (fruit of the spirit), in faith; love, loyalty and commitment to Christ and one another; various aspects of growth mentioned ability are more probable.

The growth of a church is therefore the responsibility and duty of every member.  It should not be seen as the work of the leaders alone.  However leaders should mobilize and motivate the members for church growth.  They should also create atmosphere conducive for growth both within and outside the church.


A church cannot be forced to grow.  Growth is automatic when the leaders and members are right persons, and the do the right things at the right time.



  1. Most of the members must grow spiritually in a significant sense before a church can

experience real and good growth.

  • Mention God’s provision for spiritual and emotional growth which every member must tap into:

(a) I Peter 2:2 (b) Luke 11:1  (c) Heb 10:25  (d) Luke 9:1, Luke 10:1 (e) Acts 2:41 (f) Acts 2:42a  (g) Acts 2:42b.

  • Mention spiritual emotion and character improvement and growth arresters every believer must avoid I Corinthians 15:33; Eph 2:1; Heb. 3:13.
  1. To help your church to grow you must be committed to bringing people to Christ and the

church.  What can you say about bringing people to Christ and the church from the following references:

(a) Luke 14:17-20   (b) Luke 14:21  (c) Luke 14:23   (d) John 1:41-45  (e) John 4:39-43, Mk 5:18-20 (f) Matt. 28:19-20

  1. To help your church to grow, you must contribute actively to helping new comers stay and become part and parcel of the church.  Discuss the following things and how you can be actively involved: (i) Greeting them warmly    (ii) visiting them   (iii) praying for them  (iv) reminding them about programmes  (v) showing them love  (v) encourage them   (vi) being a good example to them.
  1. To help your church to grow you must be prepared to take the church to other places – Acts 8:1-4.
  • Discuss briefly what it takes to start a new branch of the church in a new location – Matt. 5:14
  • Discuss the major steps you must take to start the church in a new location.


The love in our church makes it conducive for growth.  The teachings make room for complete (total) personal development.  Our committed, highly motivated skillful, truly spiritual and disciplined leaders make service to God very interesting.  As we all embraced the four major points of our discussion of this subject –

  • Commitment to personal spiritual growth.
  • Commitment to bringing new people to Christ and the church.
  • Commitments to helping new members stay; to become part and parcel of the Church.
  • Commitment to planting the church in new places.

Our beloved church will move forward and grow by GIANT STRIDES


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