Text:- Isaiah 45:15; 54:2-40, Joshua 1:8, Jeremiah 29:11.


It is the plan of God that His children should make progress and succeed in all their endeavours, including academic.  He has promised that He will not forget you.  it is unfortunate that many of God’s good children do not enter into these promises.  You cannot blame God for these failures.  In this part of the world where education is being cherished it is the yearning aspiration of an averagely wise student in Secondary School to ponder and ask of where he or she will go after Secondary School education.


There are four major tertiary institutions that any of you can go depending on your interest, these include:

  1. College of Education 2.  Polytechnic and allied institutions like school of Agric etc
  2. School of Nursing 4.  University.


Firstly, I will like to take you through the sources of failure on the part of students.  The following constitute cogs in the wheel of students towards securing admission into Nigeria Universities.


  1. Lack of adequate knowledge of subject combination: It is important that all students know and are aware of the required subject combinations for the course of their interest.  For example, anybody coming to study Law in Obafemi Awolowo University will need to have a credit in Literature in English and must include it in his/her UME subject which may not be applicable to other Universities since entry requirements differ from one University to other.  Make sure you study the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Brochure meticulously before you fill your JAMB form.
  2. Lack of proper Time-Table Planning: An ideal student should have a time-table of how he/she intend to go about his/her studies.
  3. Lack of Proper Counseling: I will implore you to make adequate use of those counselors that you have in your schools or those that you know in the church or around you, I mean those that will counsel you in the way of the Lord on your choice of career.
  4. Choosing career under duress: One thing you must never do is to accept to go for a profession, which is of no interest to you.  If you know that you are good in Science never you venture to other area just because somebody puts pressure on you to.  It is your life, nobody will live it for you, and you have to put your feet down.
  5. Bad Company: You must avoid bad company.


Now that we have talked about the source of failure on the part of the student we will now move to the guidelines to follow in seeking for admission into higher Institution.  Seeking for admission into higher Institutions involves spiritual and physical preparations.


  1. Spiritual preparation
  2. Pray very well.  Pray as if everything depends on your prayer.  Prayer will increase







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