Lead Text: Gen. 26:12-26; Gen 35:20-23

There are very many people struggling to make ends meet even in rich cities and nations of the world while there are people enjoying abundance in very poor countries without getting involved in sharp practices. In anyplace we find ourselves, there are provisions for us to be rich.
Quite a number of the rich nations of the world have very harsh climates or soils that are not accommodating to agriculture. There are rich nations of the world who have no oil, diamond, gold or other forms of precious deposits. On the other hand, there are nations which are naturally endowed yet they are languishing in poverty.
There is the science or law of getting rich which when understood and carefully applied will make you enjoy financial abundance. Whatever your sex, educational level, parental background, colour, race or geographical location may be.

Causes/science of getting rich in spite of serious obstacles and difficulties
1.​Knowing and believing with all your heart that you have the right to be rich.
2.​Knowing and believing that nothing can prevent you from being financially ​strong and comfortable except yourself.
3.​Develop abundance mentality – strongly convinced that there are more than enough to meet the needs of everyone including you.
4.​Having right thinking about money. If your thoughts about money are wrong, money will not flow to you.
​Examples are:
​i.​Money is evil.
​ii.​Money is nothing.
​iii.​I don’t need much etc
5.​Take good care of money, it will stay with you and multiply. Be careless with it, it will run away from you.
i.​Don’t spend all you have. Always keep a substantial part of your income. ​Money grows by keeping it and not be spending it.
ii.​Don’t give out money carelessly.
iii.​Don’t spend carelessly.
6.​Don’t look at poverty or scarcity around you. Look unto limitless supplies in God and go for it.
7.​Be thankful to God for His love.
8.​Have a picture of the riches you want in your heart without anxiety. It will ​hatch one day. Do everything morally right to support the picture.
9.​Think about the needs of people. Think about providing for their needs, their ​comfort and you will be filled with good measures, pressed down and ​running over.