This is a power ministration Sunday.
Spend maximum of 20 minutes on the message and let the people cry unto God for wisdom with all their hearts.

Texts Pro 1:5 A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,


Wisdom is knowing the best thing to do and the best way to do it in order to get the best result in relationships, interactions, transactions and in life challenges. It is in practical ways a combination of many good qualities and practices that make it possible for us to live a victorious and an excellent life. 

Wisdom then is obviously a form of strength which helps us to prevail or overcome and excel in life. The more wisdom you have the more strength you have and the more the victories you will enjoy in life.

Importance of Wisdom

Wisdom is the most important thing in life. Prov 4:7 Pro 3:13-18; Pro 4:7-12; 8:15-21.

  1. Wisdom helps to make right decisions and reduce errors. An individual can have great intellect and be armed with wealth of information and still make wrong decision.
  2. Helps to bring us happiness now and forever.
  3. Helps us to acquire riches and wealth in very honest and honourable way.
  4. Helps us to have peace within.
  5. Empowers us to live peaceably with people.
  6. It promotes spiritual, emotional and physical health.
  7. Helps us to become great or better than the best. 
  8. Helps us to live honourable lives.
  9. Helps us to live long.
  10. Helps us to overcome life obstacles with ease.
  11. Helps to deliver us from errors.
  12. Wisdom helps us to understand what is right or wrong in the sight of God.
  13. Acquiring  and exercising wisdom will lead to happiness Prov 3:13-16
  14. Wisdom is important because wise decision often prevent headache.
  15. Wisdom can also prevent difficult situation from developing or getting worse.

Wisdom truly is strength. With all your getting get wisdom.

How to increase in wisdom and the strength that comes through it

Wisdom is a virtue that we are not born with. We have to acquire it. The more wisdom you acquire the more strength you have and the more the victories you enjoy will in life.

The following will help you to become wiser and wiser; and stronger and stronger.

  1. Establish a personal relationship with Jesus who is the wisdom of God. 1 Cor 1:24,30; Col 2:3
  2. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Ps 9:10, Ps 111:10, Job 28:28. The more the fear of God you develop and fill your heart with, the wiser and stronger you will become in life. 
  3. Grow in the knowledge of the word of God.The word of God is the intelligence and wisdom of God.
  4. Be progressively intimate with, sensitive and yielded to the Holy Spirit. Eph 1:17.The closer fellowship you have with and the more sensitive and yielded to the Holy Spirit you are, the more will the Holy Spirit be able to teach you, and the wiser and stronger you will become. John 14: 26.
  5. Have strong hunger for wisdom, desire it with all your heart, seek for more and more of wisdom.Pray fervently for increase in wisdom. James 1:5.
    Acquire knowledge through the following:
    • Reading as much as you can e.g. the book of Proverbs, Eccl 13:17, 7:25.
    • Listen to sermon/preaching/messages.
    • Try new things.
    • Try doing things differently from the way you are used to.
    • Learning from wise people Prov 13:20, 1:20. Find wise mentors, seek their advice, keep company with them and listen to them.
  6. Be humble and open to learning. 
    Don’t hide your ignorance.
    Don’t pretend to know it all.
  7. Learn to think deeply and weigh the options before acting or speak.
    Put thing in perspective before you jump to conclusions
  8. Learn from your mistakes and those of others.


By learning as much as you can, analyzing your experiences and putting your knowledge to the test you can become a wise person

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