Your choices determine your destiny.

Nothing is as important as making wise choices.

Choices you make today determine who you will be tomorrow

Few choices determine most of the outcome of life

Lead Bible References

Deut 10:12, Mar 12:29 -31


Your parents or guardians will make many choices for you in the early part of your life. As you grow, you have to make important decisions yourself. You cannot run away from any of them. You cannot be neutral about any of them. To run away or remain neutral will only make your life meaningless. You have to make choices about the following-:

God- whether to follow in or not

Your work and how to be excellent on it

Your health and how to make it sound,

Moral standard,

Friends and friendship

About what to do to earn a living in future

When you will marry or even whether to marry or not.

Your future and your destiny

Choices you make today determine.

  1. Who you will be tomorrow.
  2. How far you will ever go in life.
  3. Whether you will achieve your potentials or not.

Characteristics of wise choices: Philippians 4:8

  1. Wise choices are true. They are free from deceptions and dishonesty.  
  2. Wise choices will bring you and the people you represent honour, respect and good reputation instead of embarrassment, disrepute and shame.
  3. Wise choices are in line with the word of God and they are right before God, the law and men of great reasoning. They will not get you into trouble with God, the law and right thinking people. 
  4. Wise choices are virtuous, morally good, sinless and free from corruptions. 
  5. Wise choices are lovely and full of graciousness.
  6. Wise choices give good report or speak well of you and the people you represent.
  7. Wise choices show excellence in thought, manner and attitude. 
  8. Wise choices attract praise.
  9. They focus on the long term gains instead of immediate or temporary enjoyment.

Very important choices you must make as a youth

Eccl 12:1; Matthew 6:33

  1. God and knowing God more and more. 
  2. Taking the character of Jesus Christ for your pattern.
  3. The bible and its life-saving truths. This will guide you to make wise choices in relation to-
    • How to relate to people.
    • How to spend your money effectively.
    • How to be a good partner in marriage.
    • How to be an effective parent.
  4. Keeping eternity in view.
  5. Serving God.
  6. Good companionship- 1 Corinthians 15:33; Proverbs 13:20
  7. The company you keep affects your life and destiny to a very large extent.

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