DAY 29

Prayer Points on Bearing up the Hands of Moses

Bible Reading: Ex. 17:8-15; Psm.25:12-15,20& 21 Exhortation

In a battle with the Amalekites, the Israelites needed an ally. As the field commander (General Overseer) Moses discovered that when he held his hands high, his army prevailed. But when his arms grew tired and fell to his side, his army lost ground. So, Moses’ two lieutenants, Aaron and Hur stood next to him and held his hands high for him. As a result, theIsraelites triumphed.

Our General Overseer has many able lieutenants who could raise his hands up, in all manner of prayers. Doing this willingly will not allow the Amalekites to prevail over him and all of us. We are praying for our head that join all other function senses together. We need to pray well.


Hymn – The steadfast Love of the Lord …



  1. Let us thank God for the life of our Let us thank God for his family. Let us give thanks for the life of our mummy G.O. for the way God is keeping the entire family, the way God is protecting his family , the way God is providing for the family. God is so good to them.

  2. Because he fears the Lord, and he delights greatly in the commandments of his God, it shall be well with him. Let us say that in all his endeavors in life, it shall be well with

  1. He fears and greatly delights in the law of God, his descendants will be mightily blessed and mighty on

  2. He fears and greatly delights in the commandments of his God, wealth and riches will be in his

  3. The Bible says unto the upright there arises light in the darkness – let us cry to God that darkness will not overpower him, darkness will not overpower our mummy and the children God has given

  4. The Bible says that the righteous will not be shaken- let us pray that situations and circumstances of life will not be able to shake him and his family, because God will be gracious and full of compassion to

  5. Because his heart is steadfast, trusting inn the Lord, he will see his desire upon his

  6. 2 12:12 Father, renew the apostolic anointing on him continually with signs and wonder following everywhere he goes , Father, pour your wisdom into him more and more that he may continue to lead the move of God. Father as you helped Moses, Please be with him.

  7. Father, as you helped David to be victorious in all his battles, please help in Jesus name , Father as you helped the Apostles of old, please help him in Jesus

  8. Continue to be evident to all Father, you have your servants as an example of how a leader should love; to make the power of God to come and flow to

  9. Renew him Lord, and then give him revelation knowledge. Give him supernatural revelations into ways and innovations that will continue and make your move in the ministry strong and

  10. Because his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord,

his horn will be exalted with honor.

  1. Because God is faithful and gracious, let us say daddy you shall not know sorrow, on our mummy, on all your children, and on all members of Christ Way Ministries in

  2. Let us pray that every manipulation, every insinuation, every plot and plant of the devil will not manifest in his life and his

  3. Let us pray that the Lord will continue to be his strength and his saving Psm 28:8.

  4. The Bible says ‘the counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations; Let us pray that the counsel of the Lord, and the plans of God for him and his family will surely come to pass and stand for

  5. Let us pray that his children and all generation that follows will continue to serve the

  6. More importantly let us pray that after the end of his life here, he will be counted worthy in the kingdom of

Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn them to great testimonies for you.

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