Proper Preparation is the key word. Remember that proper preparations promote praiseworthy performance.
Our usual way of saying this is Proper preparations prevent  poor performance.

1. Prepare yourself mentally:
A.   See school as a good place to develop yourself. Be happy you are going back to school. This will make you to hit the ground running.
B.  Revise last term/session past questions and subject notes: This will help you to refresh your mind on the corrections to be made.

2. Prepare yourself with a road map.
This includes
a) Detailed and clearly stated performance goals.  
b) Reading plans: Prepare your personal weekly reading time-table immediately your class time-table is fixed. Share this with a mentor/teacher latest by the end of week
c) Reading place
d) Study partners: You already know the best students in your class, move closer to them. If you are the best, befriend your competitors. They will make you sharper. Prov 27:17
Read together, engage in group discussion, ask them questions and be a good friend.
e) Personal reading time table etc

3. Prepare yourself spiritually.
A week or even two weeks before resumption, pray regularly about the new term/session. Pray for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, good health and success throughout the term. Pray against serious mistakes etc. You could add a day or two of fasting.  

4. Prepare yourself psychologically
a) Be full of positive imaginations.
b) Don’t ever think you might fail.
c) Fill your mind with how successful you like to be during the term or session.  
d) Tell or advise yourself to hit the ground running.
e) If possible, visit the school premises before resumption. If not, visit your school website if the school has one.

5. Prepare yourself physically
a) Get the books, uniforms and materials you are going to need ready well ahead of time.
b) If you have to pay school fees, remind your parents or guardian of this in a very polite and considerate way.
c) Give yourself a fresh look and breath for the term- Have a nice haircut/hairstyle for the new term. Cut your finger nails.
Don’t take these for granted.

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